The Bird Rock Maintenance Assessment District provides enhanced maintenance services in addition to what the City of San Diego is already providing. The services include maintenance of the public landscaping as part of the traffic calming improvements (La Jolla Boulevard and the residential side streets), as well as graffiti removal, sidewalk sweeping, and minor capital improvements.

The District is locally managed by the Bird Rock Community Council who is responsible for preparing the annual draft budget, retaining contractors, and overseeing and administering the maintenance services.

The City holds the assessment funds; disperses reimbursements to the BRCC on verified and allowed expenses; conducts a quarterly inspection; and, reviews an annual audit of the BRCC financial records.    more

Advisory Committee Reports
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Bird Rock MAD Annual Meeting and Budget


Maintenance Agreement with City

BRMAD - Maintenance Agrmt 2009-2010


Welcome to our treasured community of Bird Rock, this lovely neighborhood on the ocean shores blessed by natural beauty, great weather and vibrant and friendly residents and merchants. Come visit our website often to learn about our work, dine, play and shops - we would love to have you.