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2009/2010 Membership Drive
Join your Bird Rock Community Council today!!

Dues are still only $30/year and are tax deductible!
Membership Year is October to September.

We are grateful for those that renew year after year, because they understand that by working together we are stronger and can do more to protect and enhance our community.  

There is no doubt that Bird Rock is a very special place with its natural setting, a fantastic elementary school, and its strong sense of community.  

So what does the BRCC do for the community?

-   We run the Taste of Bird Rock and the Community Picnic.
-   We organize the Halloween Window Painting, special security for Halloween night, special merchant events in the spring and fall, and other events.
-   We host monthly community meetings at local restaurants.
-   We are responsible for the maintenance assessment district.
-   We organize the Neighborhood Watch Program.
-   We take on projects like street tree lighting, benches and public art projects.
-   We provide forums for discussion on issues important to the community.

But there are other important aspects of the BRCC that make us unique as a community organization:
-   We take positions decisions not based on an elected board but on direct participation and consensus building among the residents and merchants.
-   We enjoy a 20% voluntary membership rate among the residents and merchants.
-   We print and hand deliver a monthly newsletter to every resident and merchant.
-   We keep our website regularly updated with news and events important to the Bird Rock community.

Welcome to our treasured community of Bird Rock, this lovely neighborhood on the ocean shores blessed by natural beauty, great weather and vibrant and friendly residents and merchants. Come visit our website often to learn about our work, dine, play and shops - we would love to have you.