an old saying goes something like this:
The cobbler's daughters have no shoes.

We totally get that.

'what are you talking about?' you wonder, 'we don't want any shoe cobbling, we just want to see cool designs.'

understood. we're just saying that our old site is pretty out of date, but we've been so busy with building other sites, that we've had no time to redesign our own.

a good problem in a way, but at the same time, a bit of a grey cloud.

it never fails – just as we reach our breaking point, and start planning the demo party to tear down our old site –
someone contacts us and compliments us on our old site, and we get busy with their project and then another... and it goes on...

because of that, we're going to keep a link right here to the old site... maybe you'll see something you like.

click here for Oldie but Goodie.

but way more exciting than that, is going to be when we make a link to a gallery showing some of our more recent work.

soon, we promise, right after we finish repairing that broken shoelace. thanks for understanding.

for those of you who don't know, smashing designs is a small, focused graphic design advertising agency in La jolla / san diego. we have the scalability and flexibility to create effective business solutions for any job you've got, large or small. give us a call at 858.454.6279


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